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Internet friends and weird people 

It's now available to buy our first commercial video game!


A little girl named Wendy Fisher, from a fishers family, will be involved in an adventure in the four seas looking for her missing father, that's sound generic... but so it will be... she will bump with quirky and colorful characters with various personalities and lives, who try to help her or not in her adventure. Help Wendy in her crossing solving puzzles, dilemmas, problems, making friends or enemies and much more. or that's what we have to say to make it sound interesting. An adventure full of black and absurd humor, strange places, like its inhabitants  A game that is inspired by those graphic adventures of yesteryear and the popular culture



Episode 1 has an approximate duration of between 3 to 4 hours 🕗

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📧 leewardgame@gmail.com 📧

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Leeward Episode 1.rar 957 MB
Jan 10, 2022
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Jan 12, 2022
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Jan 12, 2022
Leeward Episode 1 Soundtrack.rar 88 MB
Jan 12, 2022

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